Helping your business grow

From building relationships to lead generation, if your business needs to develop and thrive Pinagli Telemarketing are here to help.

Telemarketing and sales for when your business needs it

If your business needs a team of experienced and discerning telemarketers, we have the know-how, dedication and personnel to ensure you get the leads, sales, meetings, and invitations you require. Our professional and flexible approach will ensure your business builds the relationships and makes the contacts it needs, and increases your profile and reputation in the marketplace. Based in the Cotswolds and serving business throughout the Thames Valley, London, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, and Gloucestershire, Pinagli Telemarketing are here to help your business get the customers and contacts it deserves.

Appointment Making

If you need face-to-face meetings with potential clients and contacts, we will make the calls and set the tone for what we hope will be a prosperous relationship.
Appointment making

Lead Generation

Whether you need to make some sales or clinch a contract, we will ensure your company is on the right path towards garnering further business with our specialist lead generation services.
Lead generation

List Building

Having an up-to-date list of relevant contacts can be crucial to being able to respond first to a marketing opportunity. Pinagli have the staff and systems to ensure you always have a head start.
List building & cleaning
We are proud of our glowing reputation for high quality telemarketing in a wide range of sectors, including service, manufacturing property, and the public sector. Contact Pinagli for telesales solutions catered to your business.
 Contact us to arrange a consultation and discuss what your business requires: 
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