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About Pinagli Telemarketing


Experience - professionalism - honesty

Established over 20 years ago, Pinagli Telemarketing specialise in business to business telemarketing services. Experienced telemarketers, accomplished account management, and attention to detail ensure we remain at the heart of business after two decades. Located in Gloucestershire, we serve a wide range of businesses throughout the UK.

Many of our telemarketers have been a part of our team for a number of years, which ensures continuity for our clients' business development and allows us to offer telemarketing services by a team with wide experience of sectors and objectives.

As well as our professionalism with your prospective contacts, we make a point of being straightforward in all our dealings with you the client, in the belief that we need to form an open and honest partnership with you, in order to further your goals and ambitions. Contact us today to arrange an appointment and see how we can help your business.

Why come to Pinagli?

  • Our ability to deliver exactly the right service to the most respected of international organisations as well as the up-and-coming SMEs
  • Our telemarketers have a business background coupled with extensive telemarketing experience at senior level
  • All projects are tailored to the client's requirement making it a truly bespoke investment in your future
Located in the Gloucestershire Cotswolds, we work for clients in London, the South East, the Thames Valley area, the Midlands and the South West. From customer surveys to follow-up calls, we will provide your business with the information it needs.
Call us today to enquire about our wide range of telemarketing services, including surveys and follow-ups 
01869 338 702
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