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Whether you are a corporate, SME or public sector, meeting new prospects is part and parcel of continued business growth. At Pinagli our experienced telemarketers are as comfortable calling C- Suite contacts as your valued local prospects.

Lead generation

Not everyone feels that a meeting is the best strategy for every service. Pinagli Telemarketing in Gloucestershire will quite simply meet your requirements whether it be a telephone meeting, information gathering or a different aim.

Invitations to seminars and events 

In the competitive world of events, it takes a special approach to gain attention from prospective delegates. We can fulfil that role, bringing events to life, familiarising ourselves with the key points of interest and industry topics so that every event is a winner. 

Follow ups to marketing events such as exhibitions/seminars/networking 

When a company gets back from an exhibition or other major event, full of good intentions and a bag of new business cards, it can be hard to maintain the focus to follow up on every lead quickly. This is where we step in – we can "strike whilst the iron’s hot" and get a meeting in the diary.
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Relationship building / communication with contacts 

Building the trust between decision-makers and suppliers can take time, perseverance and most of all skill. Too pushy and the contact starts dodging your calls, whereas "after you, Claude" doesn’t develop the business. Trust us to set the right tone for relationship building, whether it be one call or a series of carefully handled contacts, that bring the result you require. 

List cleaning/updating 

Most commonly a client has a customer list that has been recently unloved and slipped out-of-date. So we can update your contacts, make sure detailed contact information is present and generally format the list to your current requirement.
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List building for unusual job titles 

Sourcing standard lists with standard job titles is one thing. But when the contact details required are more comprehensive, the job title is unusual or the range of information required is complex then we build these lists from scratch, often dovetailing telephone and research techniques.

 This provides the client with a unique list that is 100% suitable for their business and its aims.

Customer care surveys 

There is a time in the life of every business when answers are needed to very specific questions - but only you know what these are likely to be! We are adept at finding the answers and provide an overview summary too.

Regular product sales call 

For the company that needs regular reminder calls to customers with the potential to re-order on a high frequency, we can provide a telesales service to fit the bill.

Telephone skills training 

Why not train your staff to be more like us! We offer tailored telemarketing and customer care courses for both sales and support staff – so ask us for ideas.
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