Benefits of Telemarketing

Pinagli offer Telemarketing throughout the South West, Thames Valley, Wales and London.

Allows For Strategic Sales Planning

Take the next step in your business development. Where in-house staffing levels and talents are geared to the current needs of the business, taking sales to a new level or into new markets requires resources that may not be immediately available. By engaging a telemarketing professional, plans to increase sales this quarter or year can be advanced immediately.

Accelerate Results

Working with a professional telemarketer will accelerate results, as naturally we are more efficient than the less experienced worker. Our telemarketers combine the ability to work steadily through the list, resolving changed contact details quickly, dealing with contacts who were having a difficult day before our call and remaining alert for the information, leads and opportunities that you are seeking.

Account Management and Reporting

We make sure your investment is being wisely spent by our on-going attention to your contacts list. Reports are supplied detailing sectors on the database yielding the highest response rates, level of telemarketing activity and our results for you. We maintain a grip on the project by regular informal contact with you, conferences with both the telemarketer and account manager, as well as periodic face to face meetings to discuss the way forward.

In short we manage the telemarketing, presenting you with a summary, whilst you continue to manage the business.

Makes Your Company Seem Bigger

Many successful smaller operations benefit by fielding a professional telemarketer to be the first point of contact with a prospective client. This has the effect of creating a "team" around you, which creates a positive image for your business.

Preserves Time For Specialist Skills

Over the years our professional, technical and creative clients often tell us that they know what they would like to achieve but they just don't fancy diverting time from their own roles to make that first call. We respect that, we all have our strengths and ours is calling your next new client.

No Office Space Required

We work discreetly from our own locations, so we don't clutter your office up or drink your coffee! However, in keeping with the presentation of a streamlined service to you, we can work using your domain identity, send an immediate email after calling, patch urgent calls straight through to you or the bookings team, and log in to your CRM.

Cost Effective

Flexibility of service means that you can advance plans quickly at key times of the year whilst remaining on tickover - or less - at other times, thereby maximising on the available budget.


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