Telemarketing & Building Relationships

Pinagli offer Telemarketing throughout the South West, Thames Valley, Wales and London.

How Our Team Work

Our telemarketers all have many years of experience calling senior contacts and that has been coupled with their own commercial background. We are fielding intelligent people, able to respond quickly within the call, who you will enjoy hearing from, knowing that they are representing you in the most effective and professional manner.

Briefing Meeting

Projects start with a briefing meeting with your designated telemarketer and support team by video conference. During this meeting you are able to brief the telemarketer first hand which means they buy-in to your enthusiasm and success to date, and can ask you detailed questions about your service or product.

Away from the meeting we compile notes that reflect your USPs, detailed information on your service/product and other information that helps us determine why your contacts buy from you. This forms the basis of our calling for you.

Our Calls Are Unscripted

We cannot train the contact on what to say so our experienced telemarketers use the in-depth briefing process and their telemarketing experience to achieve goals and find out information. This means your calls sound more natural and more likely to be accepted as coming from one of your colleagues.

Bespoke Service

All our projects are tailored to our clients' specific objectives and plans. In over 20 years, it is true to say that no two projects are the same! Market sector, target contacts, pace of work, objectives, client USP - they vary in every instance. That is what keeps us fresh for the most demanding projects.

Project Management

All projects are under the supervision and co-ordination of a project manager which means there is a flow of information to you regarding performance, data, dates and sectors. Regular call conferences form the backstay of the programme, and are an opportunity for us all to dial in and give feedback/raise questions which means your budget spend is always closely monitored.

Wide Industry Experience

We prefer not to specialise in one area as our telemarketers stay fresher and it is frankly more interesting to tackle telemarketing across varied business types. We work with equal relish for corporates, SMEs, international companies, professional organisations and much smaller niche businesses.

Flexible Resource

Yes, we have an agreement with you. But at the heart of that is the need to carry out as much work as you want us to in your best calling periods, whilst planning your optimum calling levels around peak times for trading, holiday and exhibitions.


We manage data protection, CTPS and other legal requirements so that we and our clients are working within the spirit and letter of the law.

Ongoing Investment

We continue to invest in our team, our newest recruits, our telecoms systems, and CRM training whilst appreciating the value of our telemarketers to the business as a whole. Our clients sometimes share that responsibility by inviting the telemarketers to work in their offices for systems training or to absorb the organisation culture more closely.